Shop Terms and Conditions

Shop Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • The B2B prices are provided to you only and cannot be shared with third party.

  • You are not allowed to share your password and login information to

  • The products must be sold to B2C in the salons to the prices provided for not logged in users on

  • We demand that you try to adjust the supply and demand in your salon so the products are not sold out (weekly/monthly portfolio management). We know it takes time to adjust, therefore it is just a reminder.

  • The products must at any time be presented in an orderly manner and displayed in their original packaging and display box.

  • Even though the complementary CBD+ oil are 100% hemp and some customers use them orally, this cannot be used as, or marketed as any sales purpose, due to the fact that S4TIVA is a cosmetic hair and skincare brand.

  • We demand that you watch the videos provided, so you will be able to answer as many questions about the products as possible.

  • Finally keep yourself updated on, we will continually run campaigns, competitions and updates, that includes discounts, events and concerts.

  • Add any time you can cancel your distribution agreement with S4TIVA by sending an email to

  • No cure, no pay: we recommend that, if you don’t sell any products within 60 days, that you return the products (as received) and cancel the distribution agreement. In such case we will return the product cost, but not the transport cost.

  • If S4TIVA somehow experience that the distributor (salon) acts counterproductive to the service, brand, appearance etc. provided by S4TIVA, the company can at any time cancel this agreement and redraw the products from the distributor.

  • How can I pay for my order?

    • You can use any of the payment methods listed when you check out. We accept payments via VISA and Mastercard.

  • When will my account be charged for my S4TIVA order?

    • We will not charge you before the order has been shipped. You will receive a confirmation of this event.

In order to make a purchase B2B products at S4TIVA, we need the following information:

  • Name:

  • Salon name:

  • Address:

  • CVR:

  • Phone:

  • Email:

We register personal data in order to process your order. Personal data is registered by S4TIVA and kept for five years, before we delete them. You will always be informed and asked for consent when personal data is collected from our website.

  • The owner of S4TIVA will have access to registered information.

  • The person in charge of data at S4TIVA is Jonas Østergaard.

  • We do not encrypt customer information

  • We do not transmit customer information encrypted

  • Information registered by S4TIVA will not be passed on or sold to third parties and we do not register sensitive personal information.

  • As registered with S4TIVA, you have the right to claim your information. These rights are given to your by GDPR. Any inquiry regarding this matter should be directed at

Reclamation right:

  • In the unfortunate event of any product irregularities, we will return your payment or deliver a new product. Unless the irregularity is caused by misuse or violent handling of the product.

For how long do I have the right to file a reclamation?

  • You have to file your reclamation within “reasonable time” after you discover the irregularity. Reclamations are accepted for 3 months after purchase unless the products has expired. View individual products for exact expiration date.

Do you refund return delivery costs?

  • If the reclamation is accepted, we will refund reasonable costs of delivery.

The irregularity product should be shipped to:


Refsnæsgade 46, 5 th

2200 Kbh N

When you return the product, we need a detailed description/photo of the problem. Remember to ship the product responsibly and remember to get a confirmation of your shipment and costs.

If by any reason, your product is damaged, you can contact and get a full refund within 14 days after you have received the product.

All orders are packed and shipped using local delivery services and costs. View your options at checkout. You will receive your order within 5 business days. We provide a tracking code to keep track of your order.


Refsnæsgade 46, 5 th

2200 Kbh N



Phone: +45 22669894

Business CVR number 30302087

Bank: Bank Nordic A/S

IBAN: DK3065113051239732


Msc Cand Merc MIB: Jonas Østergaard

In order for consumers and traders to resolve a dispute out-of-court, the European Commission developed the Online Dispute Resolution Website:

The contents of these pages were prepared with utmost care. Nonetheless, we cannot assume liability for the timeless accuracy and completeness of the information.

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